Important to know: all the equipment on the mounts Holder insured by Rosgosstrakh

Holder insured his liability as a producer, and now the insurance company Rosgosstrakh guarantees to clients the payment of the amount within the limit of 200 000 RUR, if the equipment will be broken because of a manufacturing defect of mount or table.

What to do if there was a negative case and the client claims in a store?

1. Please check with the client: current condition of the mount or table and damaged equipment. Prior to taking action to recover losses they should be kept in their current condition (should not be repaired or disposed).

2. Receive from the client all the necessary documents:

• The claim - compensation claim, completed in the name of the company - the manufacturer (LLC "Startprom") in free form. The claim has to contain the following information: name, father’s name and the family name , all the details of the case, the date of purchasing, place of purchasing of the mount or table (the current address of the store) and the cost of damaged equipment (confirmed by cashier’s receipt  or other documents), date of the claim, signature, contact details;

• Casher’s receipt for a mount or table;

• Photos of defective goods from different angles, mounting places (on the wall and on the equipment) and the most damaged equipment. You can provide photos in electronic version as well as on external device.

3. Report the incident to local agent of Holder within three days in any way (phone, email, ICQ).

4. Send the original documents to the Central Office Holder in the name regional manager.

Employee of our company will contact you to clarify the further action.

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